Meet w/Shiori

Experience and Education


Having extensive experience and in-depth training in the field of geriatric social work and social services for over 15 years, I am confident that I can effectively conduct therapy for older adults and their families. 

 In the past, I have offered geriatric case management (average 300 per year home visits face to face biopsychosocial assessments) and consultation to fire fighters, paramedics and police officers. I also developed and facilitated support groups (Grief, Caregiver, Mindfulness and Aging) and supervised GSWEC (Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium) MSW and BSW students from various graduate and undergraduate schools in greater Los Angeles.

In addition to this private practice, I currently work full-time as a Geriatric Social Worker in a healthcare industry providing psychosocial care (such as Post Acute care, Supportive care/Behavioral Health care and Palliative care) for individuals and families. 

I’m a certified elder mediator and have conducted numerous elder mediation since 2008. 

For over 35 years, I have been practicing mindfulness meditation. I have published my thesis on “Mindfulness Focused Grief Support Group for Older Adult Widows”. I have been offering various mindfulness groups in the community since 2014. 

I have a Bachelor of Science, Family Studies and Human Development degree from the University of Arizona and Master of Social Work degree from California State University, Long Beach. 

Personal Note

I love gardening. I also enjoy spending time with 3 cats and 4 chickens.

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